A (Not-so) New Country

I am currently on a trip in North Africa, and though I have been here before as a young child, I find some things rather different. This difference is not so much in the country itself, but in me.

First, to the country itself. The lush green mountainous landscape with it’s harrowing but adventure-beckoning rock formations are simply breathtaking. I find them just as if not more beautiful than the images I remember from those long car rides for my fathers work during my childhood. The food is also as scrumptious as I remember it. It is a little difficult learning to eat in a country where my favored left hand  is considered unclean, but the taste and richness always makes up for it.

The people, though there are certainly more to be met in the next few weeks, are beautiful and extremely friendly. Though sometimes my heart hurts for their brokenness, it also reminds me of why I’m here.

I hope to experience much more of the culture in the coming weeks, and I hope to write stories about my little adventures on the way to this blog, so stay tuned 🙂



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