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Music and Fear

Anyone who has known me long enough will figure out that I love music. I love to sing, play and learn new instruments, hear music across the globe, etc. It comes at no surprise then that I am currently a vocal music education student in the realm of higher schooling.

This title carries a blessing and a curse when it come to cross-cultural travel. On one hand, many times the people are eager to show you their musical talents. This is always fun, no matter the talent of the said person. I had a young girl sing an arabic song in one of the most beautiful tones I’ve heard, but I’ve also had indigenous people sing in voices that, to put in nicely, where very sharp to my ears. Even at that that, I find it fascinating to hear different people from different culture sing. I find music to be a language that can easily cross barriers. However, after such beautiful or interesting performances, what entails is a desire for my own performance.

Don’t take this to mean I have stage fright or no confidence in one of my talents. I am willing to sing when asked…if I am prepared. I really should learn by now to be prepared before I am randomly asked by a group or school to get up in front of everyone and sing, but that’s my disorganized self’s fault I suppose.

Anyways, it has already happened three times in the 6 days I’ve been here, and I fear more will occur. Usually I’ve done generic pop songs that I know really well, like maybe some fun., Adele, or the Anna Kendricks act while doing rhythm on a cup. The good thing about such friendly people is that they’ll love you…even if you forget the words in the middle of the song.

However, there is one part of me that so badly wanted to sing a song with a true message, if you get my drift. Something from the Word that might make them think just a little bit about things other than cup rhythms, angst, or romance. Something that makes them think about true Love from the Word. I wanted to even more when they started playing some kids music that was actually a collection of catchy muslim children’s songs, like anything we would play for our children on Sunday. It was a bit scary and uncomfortable, and just made me want to get up and start singing songs I had learned growing up and working with children.

But I’m going to tell the truth:

I was afraid.

I don’t know why, I am not afraid about what they will think of me, or if they’ll do something to me up because of it. I don’t fear such things. But for some reason I was just scared.

But one of my team members wasn’t. When asked to sing a song, she got up and sang a simple song from the Word. It was nothing elaborate, with silly cup banging or guitar accompaniment, it was just a simple song of comfort and peace from our Father. But to me it was the most beautiful performance of the night.

I applaud my team member and friend for being so courageous. She may not have been as ready as I was, she may have not had children singing along with her to a well-known song or received as much praise because of the fact. But she brought praise to our Father, which is something more beautiful than any message of angsty love, no matter its popularity.